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Your Webmaster can't do it all. So don't expect them too.


The reason why your Webmaster cant give you everything you need functionality wise on your website is that they are using a content management system like WordPress which means that they have to go and find the 3rd-Party module to use that will give give you what you want and when they do find them, there are limits. Furthermore, once something goes wrong you are stuck in a position where you have multiple providers and no clear support structure, so you end up where you are right now, looking for a fix.

We do not have any 3rd-Party providers to worry about as our technology is all built together by one team. So when you ask for something that we offer (the list is very long and gets longer very new version), we simply give it to you and if for some reason you need help later on down the road, you simply get help from us. No others involved and no waiting. So give us a try and see how very fast and feature packed your site will be.

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