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Friday, September 22, 2017 12:27:15 AM

The reason your Webmaster is too expensive.


Your Webmaster has a lot of bills to pay. Due to the way they make websites and must host them, they need lots of space which cost money. They need multiple hosting platforms (Servers), which cost money. They need staff in most cases because there are running a much too complicated system that demands multiple people who need to be paid, money.

We host our own sites on our own system which is much more efficient than they system your Webmaster uses. This contributes to our speed and the amount of features we are able to give customers. We are not limited in any way and since you can administer your own site the way you wish once its finished, we don't get bogged down servicing hundreds of customers in the way that your Webmaster and their team does. The answer is simply that we use newer and much more efficient technology. So we don't have to pay as many people and expenses to do more than your current Webmaster does for clients. As a matter of fact, why not put us to the test.

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