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Friday, September 22, 2017 12:27:53 AM

Your Webmaster is too slow. Why?


The reason your webmaster is slow is because the solution they are using is too complex, too outdated and does not have a modern architecture to begin with. Your webmaster is relying on WordPress or some other popular content management system that only buries them in more and more work. This gets worse with every new client they have to "Admin". Therefore you have to wait.

Furthermore, the outdated PHP based foundation of their CMS is exactly what hackers love and therefore they must meticulously patch and update before they can let you use the sites they create. This is all easily verifiable fact, just Google it.

We suffer from NONE of these roadblocks. We can construct and host your site and have you up and running TODAY. All you need do is provide us your content and we can serve you immediately in most cases. It is time for you to get off the old bandwagon and hamster wheel your webmaster has you on. Their problem should not be yours.

Put us to the test and see why we are the future and why more and more people are using us everyday. The answer is simple. We build websites fast. We also can deliver more features at a lower price. If you find a better deal with more capability that we deliver, TAKE IT.

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